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Jordan FIBA
Jordan Air Jordan 12 - FIBA
Jordan 12 - Twist
Jordan Air Jordan 12 - Twist
The Air Jordan 12, often abbreviated as AJ12, is a classic and iconic sneaker in the Air Jordan line. Designed by Tinker Hatfield and first released in 1996, the AJ12 brought several unique design elements to the forefront. The AJ12 features a high-top silhouette that provides ankle support and protection. It was one of the first Air Jordan models to reintroduce the high-cut design. The shoe's upper is constructed with premium leather, contributing to its durability and overall luxurious appearance. The leather on the AJ12 often includes a tumbled texture, which adds to the shoe's aesthetic appeal. The AJ12 includes a carbon fiber shank plate in the midsole for stability and support. The Air Jordan 12 has been released in various classic and memorable colorways, including the "Flu Game" (black and red), "French Blue" (white and blue), "Taxi" (black and white), and "Playoff" (black and white), among others.
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